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Capital City Clauses

Dual Title Sponsor: Jingle in July + Jingle Ball

Dual Title Sponsor: Jingle in July + Jingle Ball

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In commemoration of our 30th Annual Jingle Ball, we are pleased to present an exclusive opportunity for a distinguished sponsor to become our esteemed Signature Sponsor for the entire year. The privileges and benefits associated with this prestigious position include:

Title Sponsorship: As the Signature Sponsor, your company will hold the coveted position of Title Sponsor for both Jingle in July and the 30th Annual Jingle Ball, presented by Capital City Clauses.

Complimentary Tickets: In recognition of your sponsorship, you will receive a generous allocation of 15 tickets to Jingle in July and an impressive 30 tickets to the highly anticipated Jingle Ball, allowing you and your guests to revel in the festivities.

Private Consultation: A private meeting with the Jingle Ball committee will be arranged exclusively for you, providing an invaluable opportunity to collaborate and strategize on the optimal representation of your brand at Jingle in July, Jingle Ball, and various engagements throughout the year.

Tailored Marketing Campaign: To maximize the exposure and impact of your company or brand, we are delighted to offer a dedicated marketing campaign. This campaign will be carefully curated to spotlight your brand's distinct qualities and virtues, ensuring a lasting and resonant connection with our diverse and enthusiastic audience.

Prominent Brand Placement: As the distinguished Signature Sponsor, your company or brand will enjoy prominent placement on all branding materials associated with Jingle in July, the 30th Annual Jingle Ball, and related events. This unparalleled visibility will firmly establish your brand's association with our esteemed festivities and enhance its reach and recognition.

We are thrilled to extend this remarkable opportunity to you and eagerly anticipate the potential for a mutually beneficial partnership that will elevate both our Jingle in July and 30th Annual Jingle Ball and your brand to unprecedented heights.



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